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Butterfly Net

Butterfly Net

Try if you can catch some of nature’s insects and tiny creatures with the MAMAMEMO® Butterfly Net. You can go hunting for flies, bumblebees, butterflies or dragonflies. But you must be quick! Dragonflies can fly up to 35-40 kilometres per hour. If you catch insects, you can observe them in the net or in an insect jar, before letting them fly away so they can look after our nature.

It is very important to take good care of the tiny creatures and insects. You need to be very careful when catching defenceless creatures and you should only touch them with the greatest care. Always remember to let the animals fly away on new adventures after you have looked at them.

The MAMAMEMO® butterfly net is made of wood and is top quality. It is 46.5 cm long and 18 cm in diameter.

The new MAMAMEMO® nature range for playing in the great outdoors features an exciting selection of toys for curious children and families.

The whole family can go out and discover nature. You can explore and examine everything from creepy-crawlies and insects to fascinating plants and colourful flowers in the garden or woods, or on the beach. Try removing bark from dead trees and see what’s lurking underneath. You can pick beautiful flowers, press them and save them in cute frames or in the beautiful flower scrapbook.

Remember to take care of all the defenceless bugs, insects and worms. Even though there are air holes in our insect jars and box, the little creatures mustn’t stay in there for too long.

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